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Welcome to MSS:

One of India's oldest and best known aid organizations!

Deep in the heartland of India, a medley of 'social outcasts' - people with leprosy and other disabilities, orphan, deaf, and blind children, tribal people, and rural school drop-outs, have created an alternate universe where everyone is respected and valued. Come with us on a virtual journey to Maharogi Sewa Samiti to bear witness to this fascinating story.

Baba Amte: Wisdom Song Cover Photo Wisdom Song: The Life of Baba Amte
We invite you to join us in celebrating the life, vision and work of Baba Amte, legendary peacemaker from India. Wisdom Song, written by Neesha Mirchandani, is not a traditional biography but an intimate portrait of one of the few individuals of our time who has embodied the cherished ideals of compassion and selfless service.

A woman leprosy patient Anandwan - The Forest of Joy
Explore a community, healed in body and spirit, actively involved in education, agriculture, industry and construction; creating food security and livelihoods for themselves, and for other disadvantaged communities.

A tribal woman wraped in blue Hemalkasa - Tribal Healthcare and Education Project
Meet the Madia Gonds tribe of Central India. MSS has provided free healthcare and education to 40,000 Madias each year for the past 30 years and protected their civil rights. New! Documentary about Hemalkasa on sale for $12. Click here for details...

Environment Friendly Bricks Innovation at MSS: Eco-Protection meets Economic Development!
Discover how MSS turns non-biodegradable plastic materials into profit-making, employment-generating ventures, and about its 'eco-brick' invention and earthquake-resistant Nubian homes.

Baba AmteThe Living Legacy of Baba Amte
Legendary peacemaker and humanitarian Baba Amte, started MSS in 1949, with 6 leprosy patients, 14 rupees ($2) and a lame cow. Read about this incredible Gandhian of our time and the genesis of the MSS dream.

A photo of leg braces worn by a patient of the Anandwan Hospital

Project in Focus:

Music Orchestra at Anandwan:

Anandwan's orchestra has been performing to rave reviews around India. The 150-member band consists of blind and deaf children, leprosy survivors, and other in the community. Vocalists and musicians belt out Bollywood songs, Indian folk-songs and regional songs. Currently MSS and Niya are raising funds to produce a professional CD of their performances. All donors above $25 will receive a free copy once it is released. Email us your pledge today or click here to make a donation!

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